What Is a Durag?

A Durag is a piece of cloth that is worn over the head to preserve your hair style, help create the wave hairstyle, or worn for fashion. A Durag can be created by many different cloths like silk to velvet. A silk or velvet cloth to be worn to be worn on the head, to keep your hair tight and neat. They were commonly used to keep some hairstyles lasting longer, especially after a fresh hair cut or having your hair braided dreaded or twisted.

Waves were first popularized within the African American community and branched out to the everyone. Today- Men & Woman from all over enjoy Durags.


Which Type of Material is Better for you?

Each durag has its ups and downs depending on the person wearing it. Some people just have different preferences, whether it is the velvet durags have a plush feel on the outside and but provide the proper hold on the inside to maintain the hairstyle. They are also better for people who have longer hair like braids or dreads. Velvet durags are able to stretch easier and hold with a nice soft form-fitting grip to the head. They may be warmer than silky durags so if this is a deal breaker go with silky. 


Who Can Wear A Durag?

Everyone can wear a durag. Gender, sex, religion and philosophy's all can be celebrated through a fresh Dewy. Over the years Durags have become more than tools, they are a fashion statement. Wear them with pride, grace and add  some drip to your life.


What Makes Our Durags Special?

Our Durags are made from high quality silk and velvet fabrics, we strive for the best. @WearYaRag prides itself on quality for our customers. We are continuously evolving and we have become much more different over the years because of your input. That's right our costumers makes us special, their appreciation and happy faces makes us get up in the morning. If something is not right let us know make sure to send us a photo and we will do our best to make it right! Sometimes errors happen and we will do our best to fix it. We have a 30 day warranty on our products we will replace it at no cost provided the photo evidence and order number.


How long does it take to ship?

48 hours to process your order  but can be faster. If something comes up like incorrect address or a fraud alert then it may take longer depending on case by case basis. Domestic shipping US takes around 3-5 Business days. If you need faster processing for a express shipping email us ASAP at Wearyarag@gmail.com we'll do our best to accommodate you. We are not responsible for customs charges for overseas. UPS, FEDEX, & DHL has more expensive customs fees than USPS. 


What if I am ordering from the armed forces?

Please give the full address and zip code if there is a 4 digit code in your zip code for example 01234-1234 please include it